Promote Your Business Wiith High Visibility Polo Shirts

Published: 22nd November 2011
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Using high visibility polo shirts as promotional items enables you to project your company logo and name in a very visible way.Such eye-catching promotional articles of clothing imprint your business name in their mind, and come to mind when they are seeking a product or service relevant to your company.

The most effective promotional items have your company logo and business name printed along with the recipient's name. People are reluctant to discard items of clothing that have their own name on them , especially if these items have a lasting use - such as a polo shirt!

If that polo shirt is also a hi vis polo shirt, one that renders the wearer highly visible in poor lighting conditions such as on poorly lit roads, then it is even more likely to be retained for times when such a garment would come in use. High visibility polo shirts are available in a number of fluorescent colors, the most popular being orange, yellow and bright green. Holding a stock of such articles displaying the name of your business enables you either to give them to your employees so that they promote your business, or offer them to clients as free gifts.

They also make good gifts. If you have friends or relatives that enjoy walking or hiking, then a hi vis polo shirt would be an ideal gift at the best of times, but if you also had their name printed on it, then that would be even better. Which brings us to the kids, and the need for children to be easily seen when it is dark outside when they are playing or going to and returning from school.

Children should always wear high visibility clothing when traveling to and from school. The same is true when they are out playing. If the child's name is printed on the shirt no name tag would be needed. That's one item of clothing that would not go missing during gym class!

You can have either long-sleeved pr short-sleeved polo shirts personalized as you want them, and also available in several fluorescent shades. You may have them printed with your own name, the name of your child or that of the recipient. You can also have your company logo or a slogan printed on them using any of a number of printing techniques that render them wash-proof and hard wearing. That's an important property in a polo shirt.

Many printing techniques can be used, from inkjet allowing high definition to a process known as vapor phase transfer, or sublimation, where dyes are printed onto paper and then applied to the garment with heat. This method can be used on most synthetic fibers, but is best with polyester. Also used is silkscreen, which is good for bold, solid colors, and a technique known as Plot or 'cat cut' printing. Machine embroidered logos and designs can be offered to provide a more traditional appearance, that is both hard-wearing and washproof.

Hi vis polo shirts is the popular name for high visibility polo shirts, and they are easy to use as promotional items with a high perceived value. By offering clients these you can display your respect for them, and how valuable they are to your business. They are also very useful items to give to employees of your client businesses, since it is often them that decide whose products to use. If you get your customer's workforce in your favor, then you can get a significant jump on your competition! In fact, find out their names and have their hi vis polo shirts printed with their individual names - that's progressive marketing for you!

If you want to make money from home you could get a business started selling high visibility polo shirts personalized with the customer's own name, and also other customized clothing such as tee shirts printed with the buyers own logo, design or message. There are businesses online that will offer you a free website to promote their products online. All you need do is to register and you get paid for each item sold through your website. So, not only may you use high visibility polo shirts in advertising and promotion, but you can also make money from them by selling them online - or offline.

Printing the names of your clients on your high visibility polo shirts can be an excellent way to promote your business - you can also include your own logo on the hi vis polo shirt. They are also excellent gifts for children that have to spend time close to roads, and you can also make cash selling them online. There's not much more you can do with a product than that!


By making gifts of personalized Hi Vis Polo Shirts you can get yourself ahead of your competition, although there are other imaginative ways of using Personalized T-Shirts and other items both for business and for personal use.

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